Legal support for business

If you want to run a business in Ukraine, you will regularly have to resolve legal issues, connected with the registration of your business in Ukraine and the daily work of your company.

Legal support for business in Ukraine

While you run your company, our lawyers will provide assistance in:

  • Registering your business in Ukraine and opening a bank account—you can find out more about this in the following articles: “Registration of business in Ukraine: forms and comparison” and “Opening a bank account in Ukraine”;
  • Accompanying you when signing a contract with a landlord/landlady;
  • Establishing legal relations with your personnel and contractors;
  • Drawing up contracts and documents for the state authorities of Ukraine and regulatory services;
  • Negotiating with contractors during a discussion of legal issues.

Legal outsourcing

The cost of outsourcing services in Ukraine is $400–800 per month. The law firm, which will maintain your business, employs experts with various qualifications. They are, therefore, capable of dealing with the more complex matters requiring a higher level of specialization in a particular area of law.

If you need legal support, you can turn to specialized companies Pravova Dopomoga or Rezultat.

How IT-Rex can help you

IT-Rex is here to help you understand and identify your needs, assist you in opening your company branches and develop your business in Ukraine.
We will help you save time and effort by providing you with expert assistance in choosing the right entrepreneurship form for your business. We will register a legal entity or a private person for you, and our lawyers will consult you at every stage of your company’s activity.

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