IT recruiting and team configuration

If you want to open a company branch in Ukraine, you’re going to need developers who will become part of your team and who will help you achieve your business goals.

Search for IT specialists in Ukraine: stages

Step 1. Verify if the company is available on the Internet.

In Ukraine, the most common social media are Facebook and LinkedIn. If you would like your candidates to get full information about your company, a beautiful website with high usability is not enough. You’re going to have to create and fill out your company pages on social networks.


Step 2. Complete your company profile on DOU.

DOU is the top popular portal for developers in Ukraine.

Fill out all the info about your company: its mission, values, expertise in the market and the number of employees. Post some office photos so that a candidate who looks you up gets an impression of your reliability as an employer. If you don’t have an office in Ukraine, share some pictures from your office abroad.

You will find examples of filling in the data in the “Companies” section at DOU.


Step 3. Place job vacancy and search for candidates.

In order to compose a text for a job vacancy, you need to state the basic requirements sought in a candidate, depending on your company’s business goals.

Generally, vacancies are published in English. You will find examples of how they should look for developers in Ukraine in the “Work” section at DOU.

The most popular job sites in Ukraine are and All other resources give a very poor response. Post your vacancies on job sites, on social networks, and on your company website.

You will find all the details about services, packages and costs of publications in “ — Services for employers” and “ — Services for employers”.

In addition, post your vacancy on DOU. Posting costs from $15–20 per vacancy and depends on the service package. You will find more information about advertising packages and additional opportunities in the “Our services” section at DOU.

On DOU you can make your posted vacancy hot. It will be shown higher than everything else on the list and in the search results. This kind of post is displayed in the vacancy widget and ends up in a daily newsletter. The cost is $100 per week.


Step 4. Use additional resources for a candidate search.

There is a simple option: a recruiting agency. This plays the role of a recruiter and recommends candidates for an open position.

Except for IT-Rex, there are a couple of other reliable agencies on the Ukrainian market: Indigo and Capital Recruiters.

Posting vacancies on job sites and popular resources won’t be sufficient, so you’ve got to find additional resources for your search.

In Ukraine, specialized Telegram chats for job posts are quite common: they are IT recruiting chat Ukraine and IT_Recruiting.

Simultaneously with your job posts, look for candidates directly by getting in touch with them through LinkedIn and other social media. This approach will be perfectly suitable for the search for niche specialists with a rare technology stack.

You can also look for candidates directly at Djinni, a popular service in Ukraine where developers anonymously post info about their skills and expertise, position desired and salary expectation. Get in touch with a candidate and if he or she is interested, they will disclose their contact details to you.

We strongly advise against collaboration with freelancers for this type of business: the consequences of their work are unpredictable.


Step 5. Process responses.

Review the first résumés according to minimal requirements.

If a candidate fits your initial requirements, contact him or her via email, phone or Skype to check their qualifications and their English skills.

If you find a suitable candidate, invite them for an interview.


Step 6. Interview candidates.

Prepare in advance: think over the whole of your interaction with the job seeker.


  • who will meet the candidate
  • what sort of impression he or she will have of the office space and the interview
  • how will they receive their feedback after the interview

If you haven’t yet opened your branch in Ukraine, hold the interview remotely on Skype. Remember, the office and working environment of your company will impress the candidate much more than the distant conversation itself.

Correspondence with the candidate and the interview may be held in English.

Map out the structure of the interview and follow your planned process.

Prepare a list of questions and topics you would like to cover, and also consider the order in which they will be raised.

During the interview your candidate will ask questions about future work and your company:

  • who will issue the individual entrepreneurship documents for me and deal with them later?
  • who will draw up an employment contract?
  • when will the office open (if isn’t open yet)?

Be prepared for these kinds of questions. Make sure you have an outsourcing accountant and a lawyer who will answer all your questions. Accounting companies you can feel free to turn to Audit Accounting Outsourcing, Your Report, and Accountant Profi.

In Ukraine, competition for qualified developers is high, so it is important that you demonstrate to the candidate the value of your particular project during the interview.


Technical test.

If during the interview a candidate can’t demonstrate his or her qualifications, make up a technical test and give it to the job seeker before, during or after the interview.

You can come up with a task yourself, but it is worth involving a technical specialist.

In Ukraine, developers do not appreciate large tests that take more than 3–4 hours to carry out. Therefore, write down the evaluation criteria and point out which part of the task must be done and which is desirable.

A technical test is the last resort. In Ukraine, developers make decisions quickly, within the first week of meeting a prospective employer, and so they expect your decision just as fast.


Step 7. Send an offer.

After the interview, send the candidate your feedback. Letter templates with feedback can be found at hubspot and workable. Check out general recommendations on drafting feedback at medium.

If the interview was a success, get in touch with the specialist and make him or her a job offer. Then, once confirmed, email the document.

A job offer should include:

  • Position
  • Salary and taxes
  • Duration of a trial period and remuneration
  • Employee benefits such as vacation and sick days
  • Company privacy
  • Date of a first work day

Indicate employer’s and employee’s signatures. Request agreement confirmation for the job offer by email.

Job offer templates in English can be found at workable.


Step 8. Organize a first work day.

In Ukraine a developer on his or her first day at work expects that:

  • they are met and shown around the office, get acquainted with the team
  • their workspace is ready
  • the required equipment is set and adjusted
  • everything is ready for signing the contract and non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

If you still don’t have an office space in Ukraine, make an agreement that the employee will work remotely for one month until you find premises or finish up the refurbishment.

While working with Ukrainian developers, give your feedback on a regular basis from the start, because, the company branch having just opened, the new company member may be uncomfortable or even stressed due to lack of information.

If you are looking to staff a team, don’t try to have everyone start on the same day.

For launching a new project, it is usually sufficient to begin with one or two developers. With time, you will realize how much you need to expand your teams according to your business goals.

How IT-Rex can help you

IT-Rex is here to help you understand and identify your needs, assist you in opening your company branches and develop your business in Ukraine.

Even if you don’t yet have a branch in Ukraine, but you are planning to do so, you won’t have to search for developers or hire a team on your own. We will make sure you won’t spend any extra time or effort: instead, we will find all the required IT specialists with a suitable technological stack quickly and effectively.

If you are only interested in hiring a team of developers in Ukraine, we will consult you on every detail of IT recruiting.

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